Imagination to Vision

Transforming Your Vision into Reality

Lumière Creation is your partner in curating uniquely personal spaces. We believe in an Artistic Transparency Ethos, which is the cornerstone of our creation process. Guided by nature's elements, artistry, and human interaction, we shape timeless pieces that encapsulate your distinct way of living – in all its clear brilliance. Let us unveil the unseen potential of your home with our transparent masterpieces.



Our Material


We are committed to using only the finest materials to create our exquisite pieces. Central to our collections is a revolutionary type of acrylic that sets new standards in the world of transparency and durability. Our high-grade acrylic is noted for its superior transparency and extraordinary resistance to yellowing.

At Lumière Creation, we are proud to bring you this innovative material that serves as the essence of our creations, allowing us to bring your design dreams to life with unrivalled clarity and enduring beauty.



Our Techniques

At Lumière Creation, individual expression holds utmost importance. Hence, our collection of artistic acrylic furniture is designed to offer a high degree of customization. You have the liberty to tailor the dimensions, shapes, and encapsulated elements within nearly every Lumière Creation design or from your own sketch.

Our Process

At Lumière Creation, our customization process is centered around creating a seamless experience for our clients. Each step is tailored to ensure your needs are met, and your vision is brought to life: 


 Step 1: Communicate Your Need

The first step is to hold detailed conversations with you. We want to understand your aesthetic preferences, requirements, and your overall vision for the piece. Our expert design consultants will guide you through a comprehensive exploration of possibilities. We discuss materials, dimensions, shapes, and any specific elements you wish to incorporate, such as specific patterns or encapsulated items.

Visualization and finalization

Step 2: Design Visualization and Approval

Once we understand your vision, we will provide quotes and produce samples according to your needs. Our designers and craftsmen translate your into a concrete design. allowing you to see and feel the quality of the final piece. At this stage, we invite your feedback and revisions. Once you're completely satisfied, we finalize the design and move to the production stage.

Delivery and customer support

Step 3: Delivery and Support

After your design is finalized, it's time for our skilled craftspeople to bring it to life. Each piece is produced with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring it meets high standards of quality and your requirements. Once complete, we arrange for safe, efficient delivery to your doorstep. We offer support and assistance even after your product is delivered to ensure your satisfaction with your Lumière Creation piece.




1000+ Cases and 99%+ Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to serve every customer, each one a testament to our passion for creating breathtaking, customized acrylic furniture that resonates with our customers' personal style and design needs. At Lumière Creation, we're more than just a furniture brand - we're a dedicated partner in transforming your spaces into extraordinary expressions of your personal style. Let Lumière Creation transform your space into an artistic panorama of clear brilliance.