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Lumière Creation

Ice Cave Side Table

Ice Cave Side Table

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The Ice Cave Side Table offers a distinct blend of aesthetic simplicity and captivating design. Carefully fashioned from high-grade acrylic, it evokes the serene beauty of an ice cave, reflecting its natural allure into your space. Available in two sizes, this side table is adaptable to a variety of interiors, adding a tranquil yet captivating touch. Serving as both a practical table and an enchanting art piece, it is bound to inspire awe and admiration.


  • Medium Size:

    • Product Code: B-SDT18SD
    • Product Height: 390mm
    • Product Width: 385mm
    • Product Depth: 255mm
    • Weight: 9.3kg
  • Large Size:

    • Product Code: B-SDT19SD
    • Product Height: 430mm
    • Product Width: 330mm
    • Product Depth: 310mm
    • Weight: 13.5kg
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