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Lumière Creation

Rustic Bark Cast Stand

Rustic Bark Cast Stand

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Experience nature's charm reimagined in this elongated transparent decorative stand, formed in the irregular silhouette of a wood bark piece, showcases a delicately textured base with carefully crafted bark texture at the bottom, forms a captivating tableau of forest tranquility. This unique piece fuses rustic natural elements with a clear modern aesthetic, creating a stunning focal point for any decor setting.



  • Medium: 
    • Product Code: NB-CSP01
    • Dimension: 510mm x 190mm x 60mm
    • Weight: Around 2.14kg
  • Large: 
    • Product Code: NB-CSP03
    • Dimension: 710mm x 190mm x 60mm
    • Weight: Around 4.57kg
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